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Paris Plots and Plans

Plots have I laid, inductions ambitious, to go to France this Summer and launch more new projects than seems reasonable. Here then is the general outline of my current course of endeavor:

I’ve been studying French since last September. In the scheme of studying French, that’s not very long at all, and my ability to parle en francais is just about commensurate with the time I’ve put in. I know way more than I used to and beaucoup moins than I want too. For instance, I just typed tres moins instead of beaucoup moins, but that would mean, I think, “very less” instead of “much less.” Even then I’m probably still wrong. A long road ahead.

I’ve been reading so much history. So much! A certain eight year old I know says I read too much, but she said that to me when I was telling her about the movie Gremlins, so I don’t know that she’s got the right perspective to judge my reading habits. Why all this history reading? Well, for a number of reasons, including a book idea, a game idea, a game book idea, and another couple of ideas. None of these ideas are ready for public discussion, although at least one of them has now seen months of hard effort and is coming together nicely.

I’m going to Waterloo. Before I reach Paris, I’m attending the 200th Anniversary extravaganza in and around the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium. Guided tours, costumed re-enactments, muskets, museums, and monuments, Brussels - the whole nine yards.

I’ll be in Paris for one month, which is not enough time and yet still a lot of time to get a lot done. I’ll be there for Bastille Day, which is integral to some of my schemes. I plan to retrace the Women’s March on Versaille. I want to dine in the Palais Royal. I’m going to take all the pictures and write some of the words.

Then I’ll be back, just in time for my 25th High School Reunion. Perfect time to start new projects, right?