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Napoleonic Era Trivia of the Day: Chicken on Demand

Continuing my culling of trivial tidbits from Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts, I've been on the lookout for anything to do with food. Why food? I have my reasons. I have plans. Ambitious, food and Napoleon related plans!

Napoleon himself was no foodie. He ate fast and easy and wasn't much of a drinker. He generally spent about ten minutes at the dinner table, half an hour at most if it was Sunday dinner. 

In the interest of not wasting time on something boring like food, when at one of palaces, the kitchens would have:

"Dozens of chickens were put on spits throughout the day so that one would always be ready for him."

So, we can safely assume modren-day Napoleon would love him some Boston Market.

Apparently he also drank no wine but Chambertin. I'm not sure how rare or expensive it was back then when fancy wine was a relatively new concept, but it's a red Burgundy that's not super cheap these days