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Brand New Day

And.... I'm back.

Really I'm just ramping things back up here for 2015, which is going to be full of interesting projects that I can share with folks! Instead of the other recent projects that I've been having to keep secret.

One of those - the main one - isn't a secret. I've been doing writing and setting design for this crazy-fun new game called Brawlhall. Which you can sign up to play free right now (in beta form).



And before that I was working on rewriting all of the story and then writing new story and building new levels for a fun Flash-based MMO called Dungeon Blitz. That's also free, and you can play it right here:

 I've moved all of my old posts onto an archive page, both in the spirit of new days and to unclutter things around here. 

Multiple posts per week should begin soon, first of the year at the latest.