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Developer Diary 03: Making Movies about Making Games

If all goes according to plan, this will be the last one of these where I talk in vague allusions and avoid specifics. Next week (hopefully this very time next week) we’ll be announcing our project to the world. I say hopefully, because several key components of that proposed launch are not ready right now. The Web site is languishing in some unknown state within the servers and files of the company making it. The super-cool video that will explain it all in just two or three minutes isn’t edited. Indeed, it doesn’t even have all the video and images it needs yet. But I’m assured by all involved on all fronts that it will come together on schedule. I think it will. I think?

Last week was more getting our ducks in a row and then doing things that weren’t game development at all, like shooting videos. Austin and I went around to six or seven different places in Sarasota to shoot our parts of the launch video. The first day was full of minor blunders. I hadn’t charged either camera fully. Austin hadn’t checked to make sure one of our locations was actually open. One of our backup locations filled up with people who we couldn’t ask to be quiet since they were doing us a favor letting us be there in the first place. We had to go back a second day, which went much smoother. Jonathan is on his own out there in Seattle, so he gets extra credit for his solo effort. 

The video is all part of our Kickstarter campaign, and it will explain what we’re doing and why it’s the best idea ever for you to support us. Austin is an artist, but he’s also a film maker and freelance videographer, so he’s got plenty of editing chops. He also needs to do a lot of concept art to be featured in the video. What I’m saying is, Austin’s having a very busy couple of weeks. Jonathan meanwhile is plugging away at getting his Glop libraries set up for Go and implementing our sprite animation system. That’s supposed to be done in the next few days, and then he’ll start making the game map software, so we can put units on it and move them around. Soon enough, they’ll be killing one another for our pleasure.

I did have some great inspiration last week. My pal Jason Scott launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund his next three documentary film projects. He’d told me about his wild plans to raise $100,000 a while back, and it seemed like a lot at the time. Well, just a week or so into his 60 day fundraising cycle, and he’s already pulled in $51,000 in pledges (including from me). That’s pretty amazing. I love his first two movies (about BBSs and Text Adventure Games), and look forward to these next three.

Check out his Kickstarter page here:

Next week we’ll have our own up!


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