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Developer Diary 05: Why Does Web Development Always Take Forever?

Well, there seems to have been some major miscommunication between the people working on the web site and the people paying for said work. I wasn’t part of any of those conversations, so I’m not sure where the disconnect comes from, but it resulted in one side wanting it ASAP and another side only working on it 10 hours a week.


So, we’ll see what happens. Actually, I’m setting a firm date of no later than Monday, October 24th. Which is to say that, even if the site for the umbrella group isn’t ready, we’re going to launch our Kickstarter for our project on our own. Yep. We are.

Work continues though. I’m the one left slightly spinning my wheels, but since I’m not drawing salary yet, at least money isn’t being wasted (just time). Jonathan has made it so you can move pieces around a board and their rate varies based on terrain. I made a simple map for them to move around on based on the Battle of Bosworth Field. It’s not a pretty thing, to be sure, but I used GIMP’s “Clothify” filter to class it up a little bit.

Austin put together a rough cut of our launch video, and it’s kind of rough. Well, Jonathan and I are both less than thrilled with our performances. He was all on his own and in a a pretty ad hoc set-up, so he’s got an excuse. I think I overplayed it in the beginning of the shooting day, and only started really clicking by the end of the day. Fortunately, you’ll never see those rough parts. Austin (whose parts all came out good) is editing it down a lot plus inserting screen shots and art and stuff.

Some of that concept art didn’t quite come together the way we hoped on the first pass, but we talked it through and, I know this may sound weird, but took one piece and broke elements of it out into a whole new piece and now they both look cool. Austin’s really great about taking feedback and working with it, something all of us can learn from. 

This week, more video, virtual dudes start killing each other, and launch plans are (finally?) finalized. That’s what it says on my Google Calendar anyway.

Reader Comments (4)

Clothify - when Mosaic is too obvious and Pen Stroke is too subtle, you deliver.
October 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Woomer
I think there these cases when the client or the boss thinks that all aspects of web development is easy. Truthfully, it's not. Of course a developer wouldn't say, "no, we can't do that," because they're always up for the challenge and they're always in the process of learning every time they do create something new. And I guess what's really important is to have a really good communication between your developers, so that they'd be able to deliver the results you need. Setting deadlines is also good.
October 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHalley | Business Cards
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