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Depressing but not All the Way Depressing

Despite my vow to not watch election coverage last night, I sort of did anyway. Well, I watched the last three episode of True Blood (finally!) while reading blog coverage of the election on my ipad. 

It was pretty disastrous here in Florida, with the whole Senate fiasco and local elections going badly. Even ultra-locally, one of the most pig-headed, polluted-thinking individuals I've ever personally known was elected to the charter review board. Last I checked there was still some ray of hope for the Governor's race, but it wasn't looking good. Let's check... still not looking good.

Nationally there was the nastiness in the house, but at least the moribund Dems held onto the Senate. We can look forward to two years of grinding and sniping and not much else, which isn't ideal but could be much worse. 

But on the plus side, tomorrow I'm going to buy a Kinnect! And like every gadget I've ever bought in my life, it will solve all my problems and make everything perfect. Yay!

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