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Time again to shake things up around here! Less black, more blue. Easier to read text. I feel better already.

The banner image is from the Bismark memorial in Berlin. I love the picture, but it didn't end up making the cut for things I printed and hung on the walls. Now it goes here! Plus, hey, she's reading. Get it? Cuz I'm a writer!

This change is indicative of what I'm up to this weekend. No serious Halloweening for me. Instead I'm organizing the house and cleaning up and doing laundry and getting ready for next month (and all the months that come after that). 

Next week there will be a review of Fallout New Vegas, which I've spent more than a lot of the last week playing. Also some thoughts on my thoughts about books I've read and the whole business of sharing your opinions about books, movies, food, and so on. 

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