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Democratic Partying

This evening I went to a meeting of the Sarasota County Democratic Executive Committee. There were close to 100 people there, which was pretty cool, but aside from my friend Augie's 12 year old grand daughter who sang a couple songs to open the festivities, I was the youngest person there. That's Sarasota for you. I signed petitions or forms for two people who want to run for the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives. Whoever wins that race will be running against the hated and evil Katherine Harris, my current congresswoman and personal midwife to the Usurper Presdient's Appointment to high office. Whoever wins the nomination, I'm all for them, but the guy I like most right now is a very charismatic fellow named Cj Czaia. I saw him speak at another function several months ago and I was very impressed. All told though, the meeting was pretty boring and I left before it was anywhere near being done. It was great to see so many people excited about Democratic party politics, but the meeting quickly bogged down in procedural mumbo-jumbo. Got me thinking about forming my own little political action group again though. Maybe reviving the old Creative Arts Action Front idea and making it more political and less performance art oriented. That would be fun...

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