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Injustice League

So today, for the first time in my life, I testified in court. About seven weeks ago I witnessed a horrible traffic accident. Some stupid young punk blasted through a red light and hit two young girls - both around ten years old. I was right behind him, stopping at the light like a sane person, and saw the whole thing. It was disturbing and awful. Mr. Piece of Garbage just kept right on going - just drove on. Now today in court the state trooper said he pulled over down the road and came back, but that's not what I saw. He ran off and got caught in traffic and one of the other witnesses chased him down and brought him back before the cops got there. Mr. Piece of Garbage admitted the entire thing - except the fleeing the scene part. I testified about what I saw, and there were three other witnesses there to back me up (although none of thems aid anything). Now aparrently the girls are alright - or at least out of the hospital and alive - but neither they nor anyone from their family was there. Anyway, Mr. Piece of Garbage said he was sorry and the judge seemed suitably horrified and sounded very grave as she handed down the sentence: $111 fine and a 60 day license suspension. That's it. That's nothing. NOTHING! I was so outraged, but there's nothing I could do. I vented my frustration to the state trooper, and he said that the only thing Mr. Piece of Garbage had done wrong was run a red light. What about Criminal Negligence? I don't even know what that means, but there has to be something they could have charged him with!!!! I'm so angry about this.... I'm going to go watch TV now....

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