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Things I’ve Written

I’ve been writing for a living for quite a while now. Since 1995 in fact. I look back over those ten years and sometimes I’m amazed at some of the truly weird stuff that came out of my head. The list is incomplete. I’ve left off about a half dozen magazine articles and various Web stuff I did, along with several whole books that I was contracted to write but which never saw print because the companies went out of business or canceled the game lines (Dune? Star Trek? Inferno? Starshield? Where, oh where are you now?) Still, I love everything on this list to one degree or another. Well, except for two of them – but I won’t tell you which. • Geek Mafia:Mile Zero, PM Press, Author • Geek Mafia, PM Press, Author • City of Heroes Comic Book, Blue King Studios, Writer, Issues 1-11 • City of Heroes MMORPG, Freelance Writer/Designer, 2003-2004 • City of Heroes MMORPG, Original Concept and Lead Designer, 2000-2003 • Enter the Zombie, Eden Studios 2001, author • Clanbook Ventrue, White Wolf 2000, author • Rise of the Titans, Wizards of the Coast 2000, author • Principate Faction Book, FASA 2000, co-author • Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium, Wizards of the Coast 2000, contributor • Crucible: Conquest of the Final Realm, FASA 2000, co-author, co-designer • Crimson Skies Aircraft Manual, FASA Corporation 2000, contributor • Aberrant: The Directive, White Wolf 2000, co-author • Legend of the Five Rings: Winter Court, AEG 2000, contributor • Babylon 5 Wars: Coming of the Shadows, AOG 2000, co-author • Void in the Heavens, AEG 1999, author • The Way of the Minor Clans, AEG 1999, contributor • Babylon 5 Wars: Atlas of the Earth Alliance Wars, AOG 1999, co-author • All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Eden Studios 1999, co-author, co-designer (nominated for Best RPG Origins award) • Fantastic Four Roster Book, Wizard’s of the Coast 1999, co-author • Trinity Players Guide, White Wolf 1999, contributor • Back East: The North, Pinnacle Entertainment 1999, co-author • Planetary Adventures: Vol 1, Federation Space, Last Unicorn Games 1998, contributor • Planets of the UFP, Last Unicorn Games 1999, contributor • The First Line: Starfleet Intelligence Handbook, Last Unicorn Games 1998, co-author • Hell on Earth: Children o’ the Atom, Pinnacle Entertainment 1998, co-author • Conspiracy X: Exodus, Eden Studios 1998, author • Conspiracy X: Atlantis Rising, Eden Studio 1997, co-author • Conspiracy X: Cryptozoology, Eden Studios, 1997, co-author • Conspiracy X: Aegis Handbook, Eden Studios 1997, co-author • Conspiracy X: Nemesis, New Millennium Entertainment, 1996, author • Beyond the Boundaries, Target Games, 1996, editor and contributor • Heart, Mind, & Soul, Target Games, 1996, editor and contributor • The Second Seal of Repulsion, Target Games, 1996, author • The Four Riders, Target Games, 1996, author • Beyond the Pale, Target Games, 1996, author • Dark Kingdom of Jade, White Wolf, 1995, co-author • Wraith Player’s Guide, White Wolf, 1995, contributor

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