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Creative Arts Action Front

I have this idea. I have a lot of ideas actually, but this is one that's been gnawing and clawing its way around my brain for quite a while now. I almost started to do something with it back in California, but then I didn't. Now I'm in Florida again and busy and not ready to give it the energy it deserves. Someday I'll do something with it, but for now I figured I'd write a bit about it and leave it up here for anyone who happens by to deal with. I call it the Creative Arts Action Front. In its fully realized form it would be an activist arts group dedcated to guerilla street theater, politically pointed publishing, and the organization of thought provoking interactive leisure events. If you wanna know more, read on. Experential Scavenger Hunts

Your traditional scavenger hunt has teams of people running about town (or wherever) looking for certain items. Sometimes it involves clues and puzzles and whatnot.

The Experential Scavenger Hunt involves running around town and having specific interactions with people. Each team recieves a list of experiences they have to have before the night is through. Ideally some sort of video camera or impartial judge would tag along to verify the experiences as real rather than imagined.

Some examples of interesting (in my view) experiences might be:

Find someone who believes we have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and present them with evidence to the contrary.

Get a Democrat and A Republican to agree on something they didn't agree with before.

Find someone who believes homosexuality is a sin and ask why they feel comfortable picking and choosing between sins in the bible (have they read all those rules in the Old Testemant?)

These are all kind of heavy handed examples. Part of my problem is I haven't spent much time on coming up with more playful and yet still poigant encounters. They whole idea doesn't have to be political at all. Indeed, I think more people would probably enjoy it if they didn't have to get up in strangers' faces about controversial issues. But I want to get in people's faces. There are lots of people out there who need their faces gotten in.

More to come...

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